Our Story

At just four years old our CEO and Founder, Jordyn Gudeman, had her first anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts. In a world where food allergies were uncommon, food was not properly labeled and extreme caution had to be taken. Most of her food had to be homemade. Store bought treats and bakery goods were off limits. Due to limited choices, Jordyn began to take an interest in baking nut-free cookies for herself and her family. It was fun and she could enjoy the end results. Soon, family and friends without food allergies found they loved Jordyn’s cookies too!

Over time, food allergies became more common and packaged food labeling now includes cautions for the most typical food allergens. New bakeries and products began to pop up, selling baked goods that were free from the most common allergens but they were dry and flavorless. Why can’t people with only nut allergies enjoy a cookie that is just nut-free and great tasting? This question is the base of our mission. Jordyn knows that nuts do not have to be present in cookies to make them taste good, while some of the other ingredients are necessary. Since all the regular cookie ingredients are included, Eddie G’s Cookies can be enjoyed by people with peanut and tree-nut allergies or without any food allergies at all. Try some today, you will be amazed!