Hosting a Nut-Allergy Friendly Party

No matter what the occasion, if there is a party, there is food! Sweet, salty, savory...your menu knows no bounds. That is, until your guest mentions they have a nut allergy, then what? Of course your guest probably doesn't expect your entire menu to be safe for them but, on the other-hand, as a good host you want to make sure your friend has options.  How can you accommodate them without compromising the rest of your plans? Here are some tips to help both party hosts and guests:

  • Have a couple places food will be served
    • This way, you can make sure anything your guest will be allergic to is in a separate spot and away from the safe food. 
    • You will feel better about avoiding cross-contamination and your guest will be so grateful you were considerate of them!
  • Allow your guests to bring a dish or appetizer
    • Let your guests know what you would like them to bring, take the guessing game out of it.
    • You will all know there is at least one safe dish at the party that was prepared in a safe kitchen.
  • Discuss the menu with your guest beforehand
    • Go through the menu options and see if there is anything that can be adjusted.
    • Most of the time nuts aren't a crucial part of the recipe and can be omitted or on the side.
    • Your guest might even have a suggestion for an alternative that is better than the original idea!
  • Order Eddie G's Cookies!
    • You knew this was coming 😋
    • But seriously, Eddie G's Cookies is a safe dessert for guests with peanut, tree-nut and sesame allergies.
    • You can warm them up in your oven and when you serve them they will taste as fresh as homemade!
    • Even though they are safe for your guest with nut allergies, all your guests will enjoy the wholesome flavors
    • Your guest with nut allergies will feel included in the festivities and lucky to have you as a friend!
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