A Safe Space at College

Starting college is a new and exciting experience for everyone, but it also can be scary and a little lonely.  Throw in food allergies and anxiety starts to creep in. Luckily, college campuses have been making a lot of changes to their cafeterias and they are getting safer every year. From having allergens listed on the description of the dish to an app where students can see which safe meals are being offered that day, the cafeteria might be the safest place to eat!

But, the cafeteria isn't the only place students socialize over food. We all know dorm rooms, greek housing and student apartments get filled with food, drinks and fun every night of the week. How can we make sure those situations are safe and have nut free options?

  • Bring your own snacks to the party
    • While this may seem embarrassing at first, nobody is going to be upset that you brought something that will add to the fun.  A safe bag of chips or pretzels is something everyone can enjoy!
    • Eddie G's Cookies comes in a sleek box and is easy to place on a table, everyone will want to be your friend if you offer them a cookie!
  • Keep a stash of snacks to share with friends in the dorm room
    • You probably have your favorite nut free snacks you keep on hand but, having safe snacks to share with new friends can help make those friendships.
    • Gathering in dorm rooms or study halls is a place where snacks are shared and having something to offer will make you everyone's favorite study buddy!
    • Parents, every student loves to receive packages at school! Send Eddie G's Cookies for your student to share with their new friends and help them break the ice.
  • Enjoy drinks safely
    • This might go without saying but if you are going to enjoy an alcoholic drink, make sure you stay in control and know your surroundings.
    • As people drink and get rowdy they might forget about keeping safe food away from allergens.
    • Never leave your drink unattended and make sure you watch it being poured for many reasons.

College is full of new opportunities, your food allergies do not have to hold you back from enjoying them!


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